Cuña Mitutoyo 611641-031



During parts manufacturing, the precision parallel wedges are indispensable standards for dimensional inspection. Mitutoyo offers a wide choice of parallel, square or rectangular wedges, with metric, steel or ceramic dimensions. Class 0: These higher precision wedges are reserved for use in controlled environment by trained inspection personnel. They are used mainly as reference standards for the development of high-precision measuring instruments and for the calibration of lower-class parallel wedges. Class 1: This class is intended for control applications, aiming to verify the accuracy and calibrating buffers and the setting of electronic measuring devices. Class 2: These parallel wedges are intended for use in the workshop for setting and calibrating devices and precision instruments. Class K: The parallel wedges of this class are intended for use in a calibration laboratory or inspection room with temperature control. They shall be used as certified reference standards for the calibration of other parallel wedges.


Código Valor
ECCMA-13.5 41111600
ECLASS-511 21170190
ECLASS-602 21170190