Juego de sujeción / Elemento de sujeción KTR 084005130180


CLAMPEX 400 130X180

KTR CLAMPEX clamping elements, self-centering, shaft-hub connections. They allow for a backlash-free and non-positive connection between cylindric smooth shafts and hub bores without keyway. The clamping elements are clamped via integrated screws which are used for non-destructive untightening of the clamping elements in addition (KTR 150 series forms an exception). Depending on the type, the clamping elements are either untightened merely by declamping the screws or additionally pulling off the individual elements of the clamping set from each other. Among other things, CLAMPEX clamping elements are preferred as an alternative to feather key connections.


  • Par transmisible 46000 N.m
  • Dimensiones 130x180 mm
Código Valor
ECCMA-13.5 26111500
ECLASS-511 23020401
ECLASS-602 23020401